Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ok I got that out of my system....

So I have this completely random student teacher for World Religion class that claims to be buddhist but when I asked him if I could torch his budda book he about hit me.  So he needs to work on attachment issues to become a better buddhist I guess.  This guy is the funniest looking guy I've seen in awhile, he is a little over weight and no lie kicked his shoes off in class and did his karate moves... WTF is that I mean I get it you go to a do jo but really do I need to see your belly jiggle like Santa?  It makes no sense what so ever!!!


I'm just going off to whom ever will want to listen :)

So I'm supposed to work from home today but of course that's not possible with everyone and their brother off on vacation this week.  I hope they are all really enjoying the 97 degree heat out there.  Was it really worth it?  I mean really these people are killing me.  I want to like my job and I am thankful for it but come on!!!  Not to mention to finals due this week, the kids school stuff is starting, and oh yea the house groceries and everything else under the sun.  Did I mention my husband has not been the most helpful lately.  Don't worry I'll take care of it all. *sigh*  Why in the hell did I decide I needed to go to college after 15 years of being out of school.  But now I have to do it right I mean I can't let everyone down.  Ok so at the moment everything sucks but it has go to get better right?  Ok this post is just the start I'm usually a good storyteller and pretty snarky so let's hope for happier posts to come :)