Thursday, July 25, 2013

How do you tell if you are being bullied? Cause I feel like I am every f*ckin day at work

So yea I dread going to work,  Why you ask?  I have a great job with great pay, good benefits, and paid vacation.  I know I'm that asshole who looks at this great opporutnity and says fuck this sucks.  But everyday I feel picked on.  There is no procedural justice here.  For example it's ok for a guy next to me to punch the floor and threaten peoples lives but if I don't answer an email or instant message in a millisecond I'm getting my hand smacked.  I do a good job, I come to work, hell I've traveled to a third world country for this place but all I get is well in the last meeting you laughed at the wrong time so you really need to work on that.   I mean wtf is that.  Some one is always giving "feedback" about how I suck.  But none of it makes sense or even matters.

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