Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So anyone who knows me knows I'm a spaz

Ok, so not only am I going back to school, working full time, taking care of my family,  dealing with crazy in laws, I'm planning a vow renewal.  I've got great plans of all this DYI stuff I'm making table clothes and bouquets and everything in between.  So you maybe asking what the fuck is wrong with the spaz?  Well I'm asking the same question.  At what point is enough enough you ask?  I have no clue but I guess I have to be doing 900 things at once ( I know you can't follow my story anymore because of the exaggerations for my one follower out there) 

So my hubby had surgery yesterday and he is a total pain in my ass to top it all off.  I mean really stop whining!! I get it they cut you open boo hoo lol I mean I get it but he is on my nerves... is this vow renewal such a great idea? lol I guess in sickness and health and all that fun stuff. 

That's about all I have today I'm having a nervous break down with a midterm due this week, taking care of the hubby, and trying to get invitations out by the end of the weekend.  If you get a chance check out the bloggess cause she is fuckin funny.

smiley (well trying to keep smiling shoo it's hard this week lol)
PS I will have my brooch bouquet pics uploaded as soon as I get the damn pins to finish the ribbon.

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