Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Thursday so I say F*ck Shoes..

So this has nothing to do with shoes but that's how I roll.

So let's see I haven't talked about the neighbors in awhile so there has been a new edition to the never ending labyrinth of fences they put up.  The front corner of their yard is now fenced in with a blue fence so that's an upgrade to the normal chain link.   Not sure wth they are keeping in or out of that area or if they just like fences.

The in laws are as crazy as all get out.  It really is impossible to imagine how crazy these people are.  If it isn't enough they are all lying, cheating, stealing, and using drugs.  They have now decided they are going to collect stuff for a booth at the local flea market and that is how they will be making their money!  I don't even know how that morphs into your dream but wtf ever.  There was a classic incident yesterday.   Of course their car is impounded because they stole the plates off of my camper and when the cops pulled them over they didn't like that much so they impounded the car.  So they now need rides to the store (it's either that or let them borrow your car in which case it never comes back).  Well I needed to pick up a few things so we ended up a Kmart and she "tried" some items on in the dressing room one being a Reds baseball bikini top well she was wearing a button down shirt so she didn't notice that when she was trying to steal it one of the straps were hanging out the front.  Well my 10 year old daughter noticed it and called her out right there at the check out.  "Grandma you forgot to take that bathing suit back off in the changing room, are you going to pay for it?"  so then I watch my MIL struggle to get it off with out anyone noticing it and claim oh it was just an accident as she slid it into her purse and walked out with it.  Who does that!!  I mean really not only are you stealing but right in front of your granddaughter.  That is some trashy stuff!!

Well off to study for finals and then the weekend off!  New classes start back up Tuesday but I'm going to enjoy the freedom of no assignments or tests lingering over my head for a couple of days.

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