Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Hangman's Daughter

My new Bzzagent Campaign that I am so excited about!

So I have a new Bzzagent campaign that is in the form of two free books via my Kindle Fire in exchange for my opinion,  well of course I took this challange and I'm so glad I did,

Ok, So far I LOVE this book.  I'm on chapter 11 of the Hangman's Daughter and it's getting really good.  It has been very interesting to learn about the culture of executioners in the 1600's.  The book is actually written by a descendant of a hangman so you can tell this is near and dear to his heart. 
The book starts off with the town Hangman in a small Bavarian town and explaining how a executioner is treated in these towns.  They are shunned and it's bad luck to even look at them.  After making you familiar with the time period we jump to a murdered child with the witch's tattoo, to a midwife being thrown in jail for witchcraft,  and more murders of children to follow.  We follow the journey of Jacob the hangman and the town's physician as they try to solve these murders. 
At the moment the physician and the hangman's daughter are falling in love but they know it's forbidden love because a hangman's daughter is only allowed to marry other hangman's sons from far away towns. 

Love, murder, witchcraft, and a big burly executioner with a heart of gold what more can you want from a book.

More to come once I finish some more of this book!  (and move on to the Dark Monk)

I've finished the first book and loved it!  Can't wait to start Dark Monk this weekend.

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